Infinity RFID Windshield Mount Tags: Non-Transferable (QTY. 50)

Infinity RFID Windshield Mount Tags: Non-Transferable (QTY. 50)

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Item: Infinity RFID Windshield Mount Tags (Non-Transferable)

These tags have break on removal adhesion, making them non-transferable.

These high performance tags are designed for use on the interior or exterior glass of vehicles while also offering IR & UV Protection and IC Chip Pre-Programming. Ideal for both parking and access control systems!

Model Number: SV-WMT-002

Minimum Quantity: 50 Infinity RFID tags

Standard Lead Time: 2-3 weeks. Please note that lead time does not include shipping time.

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***This product is custom ordered with the manufacturer for your community, all sales are final.***